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We started The Computer Nutz!, as an answer to the problems felt by home office, small business, and large corporations. The fact that Computers are no longer a luxury, but a necessity, and the lines between different technologies are beginning to blur. A well designed, efficient network can mean the difference between being competitively efficient, or finishing behind the competition.

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This is a small list of some of the things The Nutz! can help you with, if you don't see what you need call us we can take care of it.

Microsoft has announced that the Optional Windows 10 upgrade has become Recommended, which means that your computer will download and try to install it without your permission. Windows 10 is a decent option to upgrade to unless your software is not supported on it. Then it becomes a problem. Let us know if you would like help disabling the automatic upgrade to Windows 10 while not affecting your security updates. The Ultimate Outsider has released a GWX Control Panel Tool to help with disabling and reenabling certain options with regards to the Windows 10

A few of our successful projects ....

Network - Noun : 1. A system of computers, terminals, and databases connected by communication lines. 2. A fabric or structure of cords or wires that cross at regular intervals.

Most people when thinking of a Network mean a LAN The series of switches, routers, and wires that make a group of devices for communication.

Networking can be relatively inexpensive, and a return on investment can more often than not, be seen immediately. Whether in less downtime, more efficient office communication, Internet access, more efficient workflow, or even just less people complaining about the Network or Computers.

An efficient network does not always mean - having to upgrade every computer, adding a firewall, adding a server, expensive rewiring, or hiring a person to sit at a desk and wait for problems. Sometimes older computers and software can be brought back into use, and alternative, more stable operating systems can provide several more options.